Story Club Chicago

Yesterday, I participated at Story Club Chicago. It's an open mic event for writers and readers and people who just enjoy stories and storytelling. I've told one of my stories here before - I read My Father's Camera this past July. It's a perfect environment for storytelling, close quarters, attentive crowd, and good beer.

This time I read I'm a Lucky Guy, Right. I was hesitant to read that story. The tone and style of the writing is perfect for reading, it's really informal, but the content is what I was iffy about. The story is about a crazy sexual fetish, so I didn't know if the MC was going to stand up and say "Stop! TMI". But she didn't. It actually went pretty well. I got a few laughs. I think overall it was well received. The story was pretty easy to follow though.

There were also some good readings from the other open mic folks and the featured presenters did a great job. The girl who puts it all on also read. She's good, she memorizes it, and acts it all out; I picked up on that at my first reading. You can't just read the paper, you gotta add a little drama to it, to keep interest.

So the writing is most important, but I enjoyed brushing up on the important reading and presentation skills - it only gets better.


  1. This is my BIGGEST fear. I read once at Bar Nunn in DC (No, longer there now) and yea, I had my paper in hand because I do not memorize anything I write. Even go back later and say wow I wrote that lol. I was terrified with everyone looking at me. I don’t like being the center of attention. So I rushed through my poem but the audience was great and told me to slow down and start over, which I did successfully but still couldn’t wait til it was over lol...

  2. Glad to hear it went well. Where's this place located? Never heard of it before...

  3. Uncommon Ground is a bar/coffee restaurant just north of Wrigley. The Story Club is there the first Sunday of the month I think. There are a couple other readings I just found out too: The Moth and 2nd Story.

    Come out and watch or read something...I'll post in advance next time I plan perform anywhere.

  4. @ JStar - glad you overcame that fear. Keep overcoming em...