Peanuts - part 3


Joe Agate sighed hard. The thin Korean girl held onto the long parallel chrome handles on the ceiling and worked her heels into the fat on Joe's back. She made a slow walk to his buttocks. First sinking in her heels, then the balls of both feet, and then wiggling her toes into his flesh. When she got to his buttocks, she turned around using the overhead bars. Her tiny feet sunk into his ass like beach sand. She made sweeping effleurage movements with each foot over the rolls and thin hairs on his back. Her nose and mouth were twisted in disgust.

After a few minutes, she slid each foot down the side of his wide ass, to her knees, and until she was laying flat on top of his back. She stayed there for two seconds and rolled off his back onto the floor on both feet.

"OK, OK, turn over," she said, patting his shoulders.

She watched as he twisted his large frame on the wood table. She looked at the legs of the table strain with each other to share the load. His underarm hair was overgrown and his fine back hairs were oiled flat. The paper table cover tore as he turned. When he finally made it, he let his arms fall over the sides of the table and he breathed heavy looking at the colors obscured on the chrome handles. Her look hadn't changed.

"What you want?" she said.

"How much for full service?" Joe said.

"No, not that. No. Just hand. Give me sixty dollar," she said in fast, tight words.

"Sixty dollars? Forty dollars. I never paid that much for just hand. Forty dollars," Joe said.

He turned his head to look at the petite Asian. She didn't look at his face, just his body melting over the sides of the table.

"Give me sixty dollar," she said.

"I'm not paying that much. Where's Misty? I asked for Misty. Mamasan knows I always get Misty."

"Misty no here. Give me sixty dollar."

"Forty dollars..."

"Sixty dollar or massage done."

"Shit, hand me my pants there." He pointed and she handed over the pants hanging on the hook on the back of the door. "Sixty dollar." He pulled three twenties from his brown leather wallet. "It better be good." She folded the bills and pushed them in to her tight blue jean pocket. She didn't notice that her face was still twisted.



  1. Excellent writing!

    And I can see why you're gettin' down with the ladies in you '89, eloquent and HOT! You got it goin' on, baby!

    Thanx for commenting on my site...

  2. lol....I can only imagine....I guess this is why I could never be in that line of work lol...

  3. @ Ms. DL - Yeah, I'm stunting in my '89 Buick. LMAO. Ice Cube said it best..."I'll tell a girl in a minute / I drive a bucket..."

    @ JStar - never say never. LOL! Just kidding...:)

  4. Good read. The visuals, one word ugh! I'm with JStar, I just cannot entertain that line of work.

  5. Good stuff dude. there should be a sequel