Share Me

A fellow blogger, The Novelista Barista, shared one of my stories with her friends at her site. She has a cool blog with stories, pictures, poems, all kinds of creative stuff - it's really kinda overwhelmingly confusing, but in a good way...

So go check out the story of mine she shared with her peoples, leave a comment, and browse around. It's funny cuz that story is third story I ever wrote (I'm still new to this) but I still smile if I read it. That's a funny ass story... Oh well... Happy Friday and all that. Do something fun this weekend. If it's really fun invite me.

Much love.


  1. Thats good, shout out are always good...And yea you may be new at stories but hey you gotta start somewhere. Yea, I just posted the first story I have written and now I have an itch to write another :) I will check her out.

  2. Man, loving' your site!
    Will definitely be checking you out, as I can always appreciate new adventures of the mind!