Peanuts - end


"I'd never seen anything like it Franklin," Linus said from his recliner, leaning forward in all seriousness. "The Kid cut off his finger and put it in his mouth like a cigar. Dangling out his fucking mouth while he cut up the body. Joe wouldn't fit. He had to cut off the arms, maybe, but he was making butcher cuts of ol' Joe to fit him in the incinerator. I almost popped him just on principle, you know? Joe was kind of an old friend, you know? Seeing him get cut up like that..."

"He was dead Linus. I doubt Joe even cared," Franklin said.

"I'm not joking Franklin. The Kid started acting strange when you left. He got all quiet. Started acting all distant. Staring out into space. Then the whole slaughterhouse thing. Like the Kid was trying to scare me."

"Did he?" Franklin said.

"Kinda worked." Linus grinned.

"I went to that bar before I got rid of Joe's ride and met with Brown," Franklin said.

"Oh yeah," Linus said.

"I gotta admit, I tried some great beers. The bartender there was helpful as hell," Franklin said. "I think my favorite was DAB Original."

"Like I said, don't knock it 'til you try it," Linus said.

"You never said that," Franklin said, and looked up at the front door opening. Sally walked in with two Nordstrom bags. She was tall with sandy blond hair, an attractive lady in her late 40s who would still get the attention of twenty-something men. She noticed Franklin and sat the bags down.

"Franklin! I haven't seen you in like forever," Sally said.

Sally and Franklin embraced in front of the couch in his friend Linus' living room.

(Now that's uh awesome f*cking story - if I say so myself! LOL)


  1. lol...Yea it is just that...f*cking awesome lol...Great story man...

  2. You are so intelligent JStar. You have gotta be a genius, I tell ya... LOL

  3. Your and JStar's dialogue keeps me going sometimes, it tickles me brown as we say here in the 'old country' (South America). This was a great read.

  4. @ Author's Desk - another very bright person. LOL. "Tickle you brown" - I'm going to leave that one alone...

  5. First time reading this blog thanks for sharing