Good Hair - my thoughts

Yeah, the Chris Rock documentary, Good Hair. I just went to see it. An interesting watch. There wasn't any mind-blowing revelations revealed that I didn't know about black women's hair. Well, the origin of the hair was interesting, I thought it was gotten from some horse's arse, not from naive women and children offering their hair to an Indian idol...wanna know what am I talking about? Go see the movie.

The most interesting part for me was the men subsidizing the cost of women's weaves. A tight weave is a major expense. There are class issues involved because no matter the economy, household budget, or financial woe, women have a hard time lowering the standard of the quality of their weave. They would be quicker to lower the quality of their food (from Del Monte to Private Label, even W.I.C.) than to lower the quality of their weave (from Remy hair to a $10 a pack synthetic). So based on the cost there's no shame in asking a significant other or even just some guy to help pay the $500 to $1000 for that 18" Silky Straight Italian Mink skull cap...

Given the economic climate, mass lay-offs and slow recovery, I can't commend excessive spending on luxury wants. Yeah, 26" Cuticle French Water Weave is a luxury want! Actually, the stock on natural-haired neo-soul Bohemian girls is going up fast (can't wait till Erykah drops again and goes back on tour).

You SHOULD NOT be getting Remy Goddess Virgin Body Wave if you fall in any of these categories:

  • You don't have health insurance coverage, life insurance coverage...hell, even liability insurance on your beater.
  • Your bathroom looks Third World - dripping sink, rusted bathtub, lopsided round toilet bowl you gotta pour a bucket in to flush. I'm shocked by the bathroom devastation some beautiful women work with...
  • Your kids' hair wild and uncontrolled. I lose all respect for a high-maintenance dime with Garbage Pail looking kids.
  • You're not involved in a 401k, contribute to a mutual fund, own a stock, or even a government savings bond; however, call the $1000 spent for the weave an investment.
  • You suffer from a multiple personality disorder. When your hair is in its natural state you are the fun-loving, down-to-earth, around-the-way, girl-next-door everyone loves, but after sewing in lace frontals you turn into this Sasha Fierce, Damita Jo, Glittery bitch.

Really, in definite actuality, I know nothing is going to keep a woman from looking good (even if you look good without all the extras). Nothing is going to keep you from your weaves, make up, heels, purses, nails, and jewelry. Nothing, Nada, Nathan...believe me, I'm the last person to want to stand in your way.

So keep the Koreans rich and stay beautiful.


  1. It has always amazed me what lengths some of us women of color go through with our hair. It is just a shame that a lot of what we are doing to our hair is actually doing more harm than good. That is why I go natural and it is often times mistaken for a weave.

  2. I like your critique on this, well put had me hella laughing…but oh so true! You know us women got to keep it sexy/silky at all cost! If the hair isn’t' right you midis well be naked, that’s sexier anyway right?

    Ps. Thanks for your comments on my site, diggin your flava as well.


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