People Watching #24

Arlene and William

Arlene said, “Huh?! Whaaat?”

William was thinking about another time. He once boxed against Joe Torres. Torres wasn’t a big name, but after Torres beat him he lost to Sonny Listen. So William got beat by the guy who lost a title fight in 1963. Then Liston got beat by Ali. Small world. The highlight of his life.

“Whaaat?! I can’t hear ya...Ma? Ya there?”

The women then were better than the women now, William thought. He could go to a supper party and meet a girl, and they’d dance, and they’d help each other out in ways. Now the women just wanted help, but they didn’t help him out too much. He could use some help every now and then.

“Ma?! I’ll be home in a minute...Ya hear me? Ma?!”

William wished the sea hag next to him would shut her pie hole and let him fucking think!

“Ma?! Ya there?! Ma?!"

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