IDK #2

I don’t know...

I was thinking about something walking home from a bar. I passed by this halfway house in the neighborhood. It’s a nice halfway house: well maintained with a garden area. I’ve seen some fucked up halfway houses with zombies standing on the lawn like they’ve just dug themselves out of a grave. I’m from Detroit. But this was a nice one. Still I saw a few crazies and thought about a question...

Who would I be if I snapped? If something traumatic and horrible happened that made my brain say, “I’m getting the fuck outta here!” Who would I be after that? I honestly couldn’t see myself as the guy who rides the ten-speed with reflectors and flag poles and shit. I don’t think I’d become that guy. I think I would be a really vicious nutcase who would crash and burn really quickly, if I were to become a nutcase. Maybe I’d go around smacking people or throwing bricks on the underpass or pissing out of windows - something crazy- but still I don’t know...

Think about it...what kind of nutcase would you become? The docile headcase that sits in his piss feeding birds and squirrels or an aggressive wacko with the crazy eyes who walks around barefoot in the winter with a butcher knife in his diaper? Or something totally different?


  1. LMAO...MANNnnnn I needed this one this morning...You had me about to spit out my cereal...

    I would be the person that just be flicking off...Like them people on the metro that was quiet one second then screaming some crazy stuff out of nowhere LOL...

  2. I would be a nudist crackpot - it would be fun though

  3. I've been so MIA from blogger, but reading this just made me want to be on here every day again.

    I think I'd be the crazy lady who has a penguin on a leash & names him Lunch Meat. & walks around town asking every one for a hit of their cigarette. Then tells them my late husband gave me herpes.

  4. I've been MIA from blogger too for a little... I've just moved and my Internet is down until the end of the month. Ughhh!

    All of you ppl are already crazy enuf tho. LOL! A nudist crackpot, huh?

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