IDK #1

I don’t know...

I always wonder little things...and many times I don’t have the balls to just ask. Blogging is a pretty non-confrontational way to get those questions out there. People on blogs are a bit more honest it seems, they seem pretty straight-forward and frank, they talk about things they probably wouldn’t talk about to the guy on the bus seat next to them... so I’ll use these idk posts to get some questions out there... hopefully someone is listening so I can get a little information, but I’ll be patient for answers.

Women , I was thinking about this the other morning... How do you feel about the “pull-out method”? You know what I mean? When the guy pulls it out just before creating a new life...and there’s really no where for it to go, but on your belly or back. It could go on the sheets, but who wants to change the sheets every time? The best and easiest clean up would be on your skin.

How do you feel about that? Is that an enjoyable experience? Do you like that? Or is it just disgusting and you bear it because you agree, “who wants to change the sheets every time”? I'm curious... (question directed toward women, no offense:)


  1. I think like you better on the skin then on my 620 count sheets. It really does not bother me. I don't think to much about it, just what comes with having a GoOd D*mn Time.

  2. ALWAYS on the skin!! Isn't that what makes it magical?!

  3. Keep it off the sheets unless you're doing my laundry. On bare skin is fine, you're a dead man if you aim for my face (unless approved previously).