People Watching #17

Jose and Marco...

(translated from Spanish)

"What you think about Alice?"

"Alice? Who's Alice?"

"The new waitress. Nice ass." Jose pointed toward her with his eyebrow. "I would bend her over the barrel of oil in the stock room. BANG - BANG."

"Right in there with all the cockroaches, huh?"

"Yeah. What? You wouldn't do that?"

Marco poked out his bottom lip and shook his head. "Naw, she has bad teeth. I always smell her breath, man."

"So. Give her a stick of Double Mint and BANG - BANG - BANG."

"Naw... She's prolly a meth-head trucker-type girl, man. And you notice she always wears long sleeve shirts?" Jose nodded. "Prolly heroin, man. My guess... Prostitute on drugs, maybe got the VD too, man."

"You think?"

"Pretty sure, man."

Jose looked worried.


  1. HAAAAAAAAAAA! Listen to Jose trying to come across as if hadn't been there and done that. It's almost as if he is seeking seeking subliminal confirmation or do you know about the 'new girl' AFTER the fact from Marco!
    When I was working in IT for Delta Airlines, something like that happened when three men knew the new girl was actually a one of the fellas; with the exception of one of the co-workers who eventually left his job AFTER the fact. So you already know what went down BEFORE without his taking time to check the female stats if you will.
    Good Post Yet Again!

  2. Marco prob wanted her for himself lol...