All Time Great Worst Gift Ever

Twelve year old, talking to his estranged father by phone...

"Hey Sport."

"Hey Dad."

"I'll be there for Christmas. You know what I got ya? I got you one of these game systems you wanted so bad."

"Really Dad. The Xbox 360?!"

"Yeah Sport. Something like that...I got it for a really good price."

"Yes! I love you Dad. Can't wait to see you..."

"Love ya too Sport."

Guaranteed disappointment.


  1. LMAO i thought the same thing when I saw something like this in CVS. I wanted to throw all of them away.

  2. CVS is selling Christmas disappointment:) Thanks for commenting and following...I love your blog.

  3. Yeah, I'll bet Madden can't be played on that thing.

  4. My kids would be pissed if they got this thing...But it is good for lil kids who dont know any better....mmmnn but my 6 year old nephew woulda broke it lol...

    I hope that you had a GREAT Christmas!

  5. @ MPH - No Madden. 1 step up from Ping.

    @ JStar - 6 yr olds have expensive tastes now too...Hope your Christmas was great, now on to the New Year