People Watching #15

Carla & Janae...

...Janae (right) was jumping around singing the chorus to the new Birdman song she heard in the background. "I got money to blow / Getting it in / Letting these bills fold / All this skin / I got money to blow oh oh oh Ooo / oh oh oh Ooo/ oh oh oh Ooo/ oh oh I got money to blow..."

Carla (left) was yelling, "F*ck these bitches!" for some unknown reason.

Both women work at Trinty Health Systems, a non-profit health care facility in Ohio. Janae is a receptionist. Carla is the Head Registered Nurse. They decided to go out after work.

*"People Watching" is just short, random, fictional thoughts.


  1. Fictional, huh? Well, I have the distinct pleasure of meeting a Janae of said profession. When I was the new girl in the city, I had inquired to her which office she is employed as a means to not make an appointment because the way I see it, if a doctor employed someone with her personality in his office, it spoke volumes about that doctor's caliber. Just saying.
    Good post!

  2. LMAO. Yeah, nurses and health care workers let it all out when they party... A lot of former strippers work in health care also, for some odd reason. LOL.

  3. so,
    is "people watching" a regular blog challenge?
    seems it may attract blogging interest. if so,
    what are the rules and frequency? if not,
    please excuse.

    having fun following your posts.

    keep on blogging.



  4. LOL...They about to "Get it in" lol

  5. @ bARE-eYED sUN - Interesting name:) Not a challenge. But I suppose that's an idea: I post a pic and people write the story... Naw, just random fiction thoughts about pics I take out and about. Thanks for visiting. When I post a pic with "You Write the Story" you have to share:)

    @ JStar - You know you got the same outfit :) LOL