All Time Great Cuss Word

It's so expressive. Stub your toe - "F@CK!!" Nasty horny - "I just wanna F&CK." Bold defiance - "F*CK YOU!" Suburban guy really happy about something - "F^CK YEAH!"

Some people are experts of usage and can rattle off about twenty different variations in a two minute conversation. Other non-cussers can use it sparingly to show serious disdain (i.e. "You're making me go there! F#CK you muthaF+CKer and the F$CKS that made you...Lord forgive me.)

It's just a great cuss word. Any favorites?


  1. this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! It just adds emphasis to whatever you're feeling!

    although CUNT is becoming pretty popular in my vocabulary lately.

  2. LOL Love it man...that along with Sh*t

  3. @ ALL - I got a new one "You son offa Muthafucker" I don't know if anyone's claim that one yet. LOL