All Time Great Boot

Classic Timberland Boots. Always in style.

**WARNING** If I catch a man in some Uggs I'm stomping his foot with my Tims on general principle... I'm pushing him in the snow and saying, "Get some MAN boots!"

Only the classics for me - no variations or silly colors.


  1. Good Ole pair of Timbs :) Always my fav...With the wife beater on...Mmmn sexy sexy lol

    EW@ Men in uggs...They are awful when women wear them I would throw up seeing a man in them...

  2. Stomping his foot on GP. Too funny. I sports Timbs. I also like the Polo Sport boots.

    Nowadays I witness more women in men Timbs than men. LOL. No lie.

  3. @ JStar - So you're with MC Lyte on the ruffneck look, huh? LOL

    @ Don - Women in Tims is cute, every now'again, I guess. I like feminine women though. Heels, pretty panties all that kind of thing. A woman in Tims might just have some plaid boxers on too - LOL - WTF?

  4. lol...You know we like the bad boys, now I like the reformed bad boys lol

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