People Watching #10


...Rose couldn't keep from laughing telling her story. "So he's laying there, girl." She coughed on a french fry. "Talking about he wants to take care of me. I'm the best thing that's happened to him. He wants to me to have his children..." Rose was doubled over laughing.

"And this was y'all first time together?" her friend asked.

"Yes, girl. I've only known this man two weeks and he acting like this." Rose got her last few laughs out. "I want to put this man on hold, girl. But I'm scared he's going to stalk me or something."


  1. LOL!!! You had me dying laughing over here. You so crazy lol, thats why I love your blog. Its funny because we really have those conversations man LOL...

    I have given you the Scrap Award! Congrats! Visit my blog to recieve your award.