People Watching # 1 & 2

Everybody people-watches. It's a universal past time. I'd sit at the mall with my sister waiting for my mom to get out of the Lerner's clothing store and watch people. I'd come up with these elaborate pasts for the people, and my sister would try...

I'd say, "Look at that guy right there. Right there, with the daughter. Actually that's not his daughter. She has a rare disease that keeps her looking like a kid. Like Webster...isn't he actually like twenty-five? Well, she has that disease, and she's actually his wife. And he gets arrested because he likes to show public affection all the time."

My sister'd say, "Look at that lady. Right there with all the bags. She has a shopping addiction and a eating addiction. Look at how big she is..." And she'd crack herself up, and I'd just look at her.

Now that I'm writing more, I'm more attentive to behaviors and people around me. I've always been as observant as a picture of Jesus, but now I got something to do with all those observations... So yeah, be afraid if you do or say some stupid shit around me, you may become a character in a novel.

Speaking of novels, the one I'm writing is coming along beautifully. I want to be done with the first draft by the end of the month, but if it goes over, no harm. I'm not rushing but then I'm not procrastinating either. When it's done it's done, but I'm having fun writing it. I love the characters.

Speaking of characters, that's what this post is about. People watching and's a way for me to shorten some of the blog posts and post more because I really get into them shits (check out the stories and blogs to the right) - writing this novel, I don't have the time - so check out my People Watching 1 & 2:


...was very offended by the 40-Year-Old Virgin movie, because he's a 50-year-old one. And he's a 7th degree imperial yo-yo master too.


...thinks napkins are overrated. And really enjoys magazine collecting and the Internet.

* if you see your likeness and want to sue, I think I own a bunch of shoes size 13, help yourself. Smile.

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