All Time Great Body Gel

C.O. Bigelow Rosemary Mint Body Cleanser #1520

This shit turns me into a human peppermint candy. I know a lot of men are using that AXE Body Gel because they see the commercials and think dimes are going to chase em down because of the AXE EFFECT. Well, consider one thing: peppermint sticks...

And I've got the lotion too, so I'm clearing sinuses when I pass.


  1. I'm a die hard fan of CO Bigelow! Everyone needs to buy this!!

    CO Bigelow also makes a nice lip gloss (for the ladies and HOW YOU DOIN guys) that shines your lips while moisturizing and you can even put a dab of it on your tongue to freshen your breath.
    (damn they owe me 10%)

  2. I love CO Bigelow...the face wash, the lip gloss (ultra mentha lip shine), the body wash...ALL OF THAT!

  3. I didn't know CO Bigelow was so popular...I'm sold on that body wash tho.

    LMAO at "How-you-doin'?" guys - no shiny lips for me, no thanks.

    Okay, I'm just imagining smelling like mint body wash, with ultra mentha lip shine, chewing Extra spearmint, smoking menthols. I hope neither of you smoke menthols, cuz that's too much mint...