First Post!

Ok, everyone's doing this so here I go. My very own blog. I run into cool things occasionally, have pretty unusual thoughts frequently, and can be creative every blue moon. So I can share all that ish here. My blog.

What's "Born Unknown"? Well, first off it's a hip-hop group my boy Beej still maintains. I came up with the name. We had a local buzz for a little bit. The groups that grew from our humble beginnings in Detroit and the Hip Hop Shop were Eminem, Slum Village, (RIP Proof and J Dilla - just added RIP Baatin), and others, while Born Unknown remained pretty much unknown. Beej still holds the torch. Matter of fact, Beej is actually one of the best producers and performers around. The brother is talented, always more talented than me on the performance side. I would be the more business and intellectually creative one. Nevertheless, this is my blog.

What to expect?
  • Writings - stories, essays, and thoughts
  • Music - underground and mainstream hip-hop, jazz, soul, and stuff I listen to daily.
  • Whatever - that is whatever I want.
As a lot of things, it gets better with time. So stay tuned.

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