The Moth GrandSLAM!

I was happy to be in The Moth GrandSLAM in Chicago last night. 1st GrandSLAM in Chicago! If you're unfamiliar, The Moth is only the biggest and most popular storytelling shit going on - if you're into that corny shit (which I am)...

The theme for the event was "Into the Wild", and there were stories about rabid raccoons, wild gay pride parties, Bigfoot got in on the action, some wild S&M police officers, and I told a story about the WILD streets of Detroit. And guess what? ...I just happened to win, which I'm pretty amped about...I've never used that word "amped" before but that best explains how excited I was.

Really, my girlfriend was more excited (amped). She doesn't get to get out much to see me do my thing and it's great to do a decent job when your girlfriend is there. So I don't have to hear the fake and uncertain words of encouragement "It was good...It was..."

Here's an article by Matt Byrne of the AV Club Chicago about the event, which includes a little 1-minute story by a few of us storytellers: Click HERE

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