All Time Great Rudeness

I saw this woman on the train the other day. She left her home in an obvious attempt to look cute: yellow summer dress, flip-flops, cocoa buttered herself thoroughly, threw on some sunglasses.

Now this is a crowded Red Line train to the Loop in Chicago... Why and the fuck does she think she's entitled to take up four fucking seats on a busy train wit her fat ass? Sorry for calling her a "fat ass" - not nice - but why? This is the attitude that keeps her life busted and disgusted. I can guarantee she's busted and disgusted - look at her expression.

Lesson: Don't be this woman!
  • Don't be rude to strangers
  • Don't let your default expression be mean
  • Don't overeat
  • Don't do not exercise (yeah I said it!)
  • Don't feel entitled
  • Don't be the ignorant center of attention
  • Don't don't care
  • Don't Don't Don't
Maybe her feet just hurt really bad. Or she has to keep her ankles elevated. I don't know. But she just looked like the cliché mean black lady putting her dry ass feet up taking up a bunch of room on a crowded train with the expression "you better not say nothing". If it wasn't crowded I wouldn't care - look in the window reflection, all seats were filled.

Usually I'd crack a joke at her and, respectfully and jokingly, break her down a little to get to the real person. Make her smile. But that day I didn't have the energy, so I just snapped the pic. She probably would have mistaking my speaking to her as trying to holler...LOL


  1. LMAO...I cant say too much, I used to take up one whole seat and sleep all the way to work everyday...It wasnt busy when I got on, but it was busy not too much after that but I aint care, I was tired...

  2. No say it ain't so J! You take up all those seats too. All spread out sleeping on the train? Shame!