Ppl I Don't Like

Not all-inclusive and based on how I'm feeling at that given moment...

1. Anyone who calls me "sweetie", I ain't your f*cking sweetie...(and women reading this, STOP calling me that on purpose, b/c you know I don't like it)

2. Niggas overdoing nigga type shit...I won't cosign stupidity...

3. The lady at work who takes her job way too serious...

4. Anyone's who's elitist and clique-ish - military, political, church, bloggers, wherever - I don't want to be in your club...

5. Ppl who know too much random information...I really don't care about the migration of Neanderthals across Europe...I watch the Discovery Channel too. These ppl are really not that smart, they just have good memories - there's a difference.

6. Ppl with fake smiles - waitress, flight attendant, church usher - it's okay not to smile if you don't feel it...

7. Women posted up like security at the club/bar/lounge - face balled up. Damn, smile, have fun...it's okay to smile:)

8. Ppl who's first excuse is the blame someone else...Naw, it's YOU - you're the problem.

9. Anyone who calls me "playboy", WTF? I notice Hollywood ppl use the term a lot...I don't like it.

(I will add to this list occasionally, when I'm especially annoyed by someone...)


  1. LOL...Love the list man...Ok, my blog can get really religious at times...but dont stop visiting :) Cuz I post it all :)

  2. I love your blog JStar. One of my favorites in the blog universe. You Bible Thumper! LOL

  3. hey hey HEY! Terms of endearment might be apart of one's culture or location! lmao

    I hate people who take their jobs too seriously too...like government, state, and city workers.