All Time Great Underachievement

I'm amazed by musicians. The hours accumulated practicing to perfect their art: horns, guitars, percussion, vibraphone (I love the vibes), piano, I even admire a dj on the turntables. But I was watching a band the other day and there was a dude on stage shaking a tambourine, and I was totally unimpressed. I thought, how hard can that be? I could do that. My grandma does that at church. Does a tambourine player have to practice? I know sometimes talented people can make a thing look easy, but playing the tambourine looks really easy.

After shaking the tambourine for a while, he picked up a metal triangle dangling on a string and a metal rod. WTF? ...I finally see an easy way in on my dream of becoming a jazz musician.


  1. aw, c'mon Shannon, yer kiddin', right?



  2. LOL...I guess there is technique in the rythm....But Jazz musician takes more skills :)

  3. ok lets set up a Jazz band but can I do the triangle, and you do the tambourine?? can the roles be split?