All Time Great Throw Away

Old musty crusty pillows. I recently stayed at someone's house and this is the type of pillow I was presented. "Oh, let me get you a pillow case." I'm not so classy that I didn't rest my head on ten years of head sweat and slobber, but I'm just saying. There comes a time when you have to throw away shit. Or just be honest and say I should just ball up my coat. Nobody wants to sleep on that pillow.


  1. Eww now thats just nasty...ha ha yea, I woulda balled up my coat :)

    and to your comment on my yesterday's poem....YES, NO OTHER :) That man has had my heart for 19 years man and cant nobody give me what he gives :) Believe me, I tested out the competition first ha ha...

  2. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! Who in the hell..... They would have done better by telling you they didn't want you to stay over....