All Time Great Annoyance

A pimple in an odd place. I recently took a shower, I take them ever so often, and I felt a tinge of soreness on my skin while washing. I felt for it and it was a pimple in the oddest place. I'm not going to say where. I don't feel comfortable with giving that information, but it was just strange and I know I'm not the only one.

I know anywhere there is skin, and that's everywhere, a pimple can occur. But it's annoying to have to put pimple cream in odd places. Just saying. (No, I'm not saying where...)


  1. LMAO....MANnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I feel ya here.... Yea, I have had them in unmentionable places as well...We all get them, we just dont talk about them :) relax, in about a week it should be gone...

  2. Uh- if its on your cash n prizes it may not be a pimple.

    I woke up this morning and saw a shiny pimple right in the middle of my forehead... yup, the old Indian head. slept in my makeup... SMH

  3. @ JStar - so you understand what I'm saying...LOL

    @ Khaki - I don't like the insinuation...LOL Forehead pimples on women draw eyes right at it like breasts. Especially if it's a big hefty Sade forehead like yours Khaki - LOL! I'm kidn, kidn. LMAO!