Officially OUT!

The General has spoken! Classic example of the power of satire...

So what's in?


I don't know if I totally like the alternative. But I'm not considered young anymore...

*That second pic was shared by the evil - no homo (that term is officially out too I think).

A bubble?! LMAO!!


  1. I hate skinny jeans on men...See in the DC area they wear the skinny jeans but still have them hanging off their ass with boxers showing....Makes me wanna throw up for real...There is no way in heck I would be caught dead with a guy in a pair of these...Dont care how much I love him...I would fall outta love LOL...but yea like you said...I am old skool....

  2. LOL @ Jstar..
    From a males perspective i will never in my life wear a baggy jeans, all my jeans a fitted some may be considered tight. however none is as tight as the one in the picture above. I am of European decent hence all my clothes is fitted.

    The is a big difference between Fitted and tight .

  3. Whatever happened to men just simply wearing relaxed jeans? I find them to be simple, classic and more attractive than the alternatives in jeans for men---skinny.
    I find that more appealing and acceptable than either the fitted, tight, hanging off the ass look let alone the jeans that look as if a man went in his girlfriend or sister's closet for a pair.
    I mean, what is next in men's apparel? pastel colored 3 inch heels? As a woman, I don't even don Skinny Jeans -- I have too much tail for them anyway but on any man it is simply too much.
    Maybe it is just me or maybe others feel the same way but just haven't voiced it yet.... I regard Skinny jeans for men as a slick play on masculinity as means to decipher the lack thereof *coughing*.

  4. Yuck a man in the skinnies, I have seen it before and hated it!! im going to send you a photo!!

  5. lmfao at that last pic lol
    i think ur fine if u stay somewhere safely inbetween lol

    follow me back if u like :)

    much love.,