All Time Great Worst Camera Angle

I'm watching porn the other day, (well let's be honest, it's playing on another tab right now) and I thought the camera shot where they get a closeup of the guy's face just before he squirts mayonnaise dead in the drugged-out single mother's eye is worthless.

A man has got a rhythm going, trying to synchronize, and then there's a closeup of this razor bumped guy's "O"face. It throws a man off that's all I'm saying. LOL. TMI, huh?


  1. I hate that man...and I hate when the women look in the camera looking all sexy...Looks too staged man...I wanna see something close up of course but have them so into it that they forget the camera is there...Thats why the home made ones to me are sooo much better :)

  2. LMAO- mayonnaise though??? SMH, i'll never look at fellatio quite the same again.

  3. Im with JStar, homemade ones are much better.