People Watching #13


...Jamila owed her hair stylist, Baby Gurl, a bill ($100) for services rendered about a month ago. When Jamila came in the shop to get her butter whipped (new style) for the cabaret (grown-ups party) she planned to attend that weekend, she forgot all about the debt owed. Baby Gurl offered Jamila a way to payback the Benji, get her hair did, keep her little pocket change, and advertise Baby Gurl's services to the other "Grown & Sexy" ladies at the cabaret. Jamila happily accepted.


  1. OMG...This is crazy....You couldnt pay me to walk around like that lol...Eventho they do in But us from the DC area would clown the bamma lol

  2. From far away it resembles Clifford the Red Dog...I'm confused...

  3. OMG LMFAO! butter whipped!

    Yes, JStar is right, the women in Bmore do walk around like that SMH

  4. This blog is mental. Absolutely love it. Very unique.
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