Sitting down in a coffee shop,
or at a desk,
or even on the bed

And scribble on a notepad,
or pluck away on a computer,
or even talk into a recorder

And write about an infamous king,
or a defrauding businessman,
or even a philanthropic thug

And create a universe on a page,
or a world in a paragraph,
or even a life in a sentence.

Writing is God-like to me...


  1. yeah, creating huh?

    I feel the same. really nice poem hun

  2. Was the hun comment a joke. Please tell me you're joking:) Please.

  3. Writing is God-like to me as well.

    You wanted to know if my writing was fiction or non-fiction...My writing is non-fiction. It is completely real, no fluff what-so-ever. I treated my blog like my diary because my life is weird, I am weird and I meet so many different characters. Somehow my blog became an "open diary" and people began following.

    good poem by the way.